Does Lime Kill Moss?

does lime kill moss

If you see short, fuzzy, green plants growing in your yard, that moss could signify an issue with your lawn’s condition. Learn why moss shows up and how to get rid of it.

What Is Moss?

Mosses have many forms, but they are all small, leafy-stemmed, nonvascular and flowerless. You’ll often find moss growing in moist, shady locations. While grass grows in soil and establishes roots, moss can grow on any surface because it doesn’t need to root into the ground.

When moss grows without hindrance, it can become dense and eventually restrict the growth of other plants in the area. Taking care of the moss in your yard is vital to keeping other plants and your grass healthy.

Why Does My Lawn Have Moss?

If you notice moss in your lawn, it could indicate your soil has an issue. Moss typically grows in unhealthy areas that weaken the plants already growing there. Your lawn’s soil conditions could have low nutrients and drainage, making suitable conditions for moss to grow. Some other factors that encourage moss growth include:

  • Mowing your grass too short.
  • Providing insufficient grass fertilizer.
  • Having compacted soil.
  • Overwatering your lawn.
  • Having excessive shade.

How to Get Rid of Moss

Knowing why your lawn is hospitable to moss is the key to stopping and preventing its growth. Acidic soil is a significant cause of many yards’ moss infestations because those plants thrive in acidic soil conditions. You can balance the soil’s pH levels by making it more alkaline with lime.

Applying lime does not kill the moss on your lawn, but it does enhance the soil condition, changing its pH and discouraging more moss growth. You can use lime for moss control whenever you need to raise your soil’s pH levels.

While lime for moss will not remove the vegetation directly, you can use other products or procedures as moss-eliminating solutions. Many chemicals and organic solutions like raking can kill the moss already on your lawn while the lime works to make your soil more acidic, preventing future growth. What’s more, these actionable steps can also improve your lawn’s overall health and appearance.

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