10 Mesh Bedding – Free Stall Bedding

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Baker’s 10 Mesh Free Stall Bedding Limestone is mined from our York County, Pennsylvania quarry. Baker’s Free Stall Bedding is a pure crushed Limestone and is a unique product that is well-suited for dairy bedding applications. Baker’s bedding lime neutralizes manure and reduces odors! It is also a non-slip agent that helps prevent the dangers of slipping on wet floors. It improves health and cleanliness of animals to decrease mastitis and improves the overall appearance of stalls and walkways. Baker’s 10 Mesh Free Stall Bedding Lime is 100% safe and nontoxic to animals. Additionally, you also get the added liming value of the 10 Mesh Bedding limestone when you spread the manure on your fields!


  • Is a damp ground dolomite limestone mined directly from our quarry in York, Pennsylvania.
  • Low moisture content typical 2%-4%.
  • Neutralize acidic manure and litter.
  • Reduces unpleasant odors.
  • Improve appearance of stable and barn.
  • Helps to keep animals clean and bedding drier for comfort of cows.
  • Cleanliness for health.
  • Anti-Slip agent to help prevent expensive Milking Cattle from slipping.
  • Dress up stalls, aisles, walkways and entranceways.
  • Dry up wet areas around barn and stalls.
  • Helps to reduce Mastitis bacterial growth by increasing pH in bedding materials, can be mixed with sawdust or shavings.


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Screen Analysis

U.S. Screen Sizing — %Thru — %On

-20 0.85 87 13
-60 0.25 49 38
-100 0.15 34 15

Chemical Analysis

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 53.5%
Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) 42.0%
Total Carbonates 97.5%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) 30.0%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 20.0%
Total Oxides 51.0%
Elemental Calcium 21.4%
Elemental Magnesium 12.1%

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