About Us

Purity. Fineness. Results. The Tradition Continues

Since 1889, Baker’s Ag Lime has been producing high quality limestone. Over a century later, the tradition continues with Baker’s complete line of pelletized lime products for the agricultural, consumer, and industrial markets. Mined from a rich dolomite deposit in the heart of York County, Pennsylvania, the high purity and particle fineness of Baker’s limestone have made it an acknowledged leader. Few products on the market today can compare.

Why Use Baker Lime Products?

Farmers depend on Dolo 20 or Dolo 2-D to neutralize acid soil. When soil pH is properly controlled, crop yields and fertilizer/herbicide effectiveness can be improved significantly. Baker’s high quality agricultural lime plays an important role in the overall economy of farm production.

Fertilizer and industrial manufacturing plants, using Grandol and RP-40, rely on Baker’s quality and service to meet demanding production schedules and end product specifications. Whatever the need for limestone, Baker Lime has the product, quality, service, and commitment to provide the best value.

That is our tradition. That is our promise.

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