Products Available From Baker Lime

At Baker Lime, we sell a variety of different limestone products to help reduce the PH of your soil. Our products come in different amounts and consistencies, but all have the same purpose of helping your crops, garden, or lawn grow. We have many bulk lime options for sale, contact our team for specific quotes or questions.  Check out our products below to find the best limestone product for your needs.

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Pelletized Limestone Products

  • Baker’s Premier Pelletized Lime – Our Primer pelletized limestone is a rich dolomitic limestone that is perfect for lawn car professionals, retailers, and commercial landscape companies. This particular limestone is used for neutralizing acidic lawn soil and replenishing it with nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. The pellet size makes it easy to spread and breaks down immediately when water is applied to it.

Pulverized Limestone Products


  • Dolo 20 –  Commercial limestone is great for farmers looking to reduce the acidity of soil in their fields. This product is damp lime that is very finely pulverized. This makes it easy to spread across fields.


  • Dolo 10 Damp Lime– Dolo 10 damp limestone is a pulverized damp dolomitic limestone. it was designed to be applied with spinner-type spreaders.




  • Dolo 20-D– Dolo 20-D is a dry pulverized limestone that is designed to be applied with dry boom spreaders. This product is perfect for quickly spreading across crops.



Other  Baker Lime Products

  • Dolo CMP / Dolo CP –  Dolo CMP is produced from lime kiln dust and has a wide array of uses. it can be used for soil remediation, industrial waste stabilization, and marcellus shale drilling sites.