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Tracing its statehood back to 1776, Maryland’s diverse topography has contributed to its nickname America in Miniature. With valleys, ridges and mountains in the west and sand dunes in the east, the state’s bucolic countryside provides a nice contrast to the burgeoning metropolis of Baltimore. Whether it’s a golf course, office grounds or your own front yard, there is something to be said about luscious green grass cut to the perfect length. There’s also something to be said about an immaculately kept garden or crop. Anyone who has taken delicate care of a lawn or garden before knows firsthand how difficult achieving such vibrancy can be.

But what we see growing on the surface is only made possible because of the strength and composition of the soil beneath it. And that’s exactly where limestone comes into play. Because of the calcite and dolomite this sedimentary rock contains, it neutralizes soil acidity to provide the best environment for plant growth.

Highest Quality of Limestone for the Best Results

Luckily for customers living in Maryland, your neighbors to the north have your limestone needs covered. Baker Lime offers a variety of products synthesized from the highest quality limestone. Located in York County, Pennsylvania, we mine limestone from a dolomite-rich deposit nearby. With high purity and particle fineness, our products are second-to-none. Our AG-Dolomite, which can be used to control soil pH to facilitate plant growth, is composed of 97.5% of carbonates, compared to typical limestone that is made up of just 84.8% of carbonates. Our limestone supplies more calcium and magnesium than other limestone, two essential nutrients in stimulating plant health.

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Whether pelletized or pulverized, damp or dry, we offer an array of limestone-based products. If you want to buy limestone in Maryland, we are your best source for premier pelletized limestone. With over 125 years of experience, the highest quality of limestone and top-notch customer service, we have you covered. Contact us today for more information on our product line or to place your order.

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