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Why Does Baker Lime Work With Limestone Distributors?

Baker Lime is a limestone supplier based out of York, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once, so we work hard to find reliable dealers in each state. Working with these distributors allows us to extend our reach and serve areas outside our York region, including Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and more.

Baker Lime provides superior limestone products across the East Coast to distributors serving an assortment of industries. Use our interactive map and location pages to find a dealer near you.


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Benefits of Our Limestone

Limestone is a versatile product used across many industries, helping us grow food, maintain roads and even clean our teeth. It’s most commonly used within the agricultural sphere to neutralize and replenish acidic soil.

At Baker Lime, we supply three main kinds of limestone:

  • Pelletized lime: This is a rich, dolomitic, pellet-sized limestone ideal for minor agricultural pursuits such as lawn care and gardening, thanks to its speedy water activation.
  • Agricultural lime: Farmers depend on our crushed limestone for their large farming operations, helping neutralize acidic soil and enhance production.
  • Powdered lime: We create our powdered limestone by grinding up the mined deposits into a fine powder you can use in construction materials.

Regardless of which type you believe is best for your situation, you’ll receive a heap of benefits, including:

  • Improved effectiveness of fertilizer and herbicide
  • Enhanced supply of critical nutrients like calcium and magnesium
  • Well-balanced soil chemistry and pH levels
  • Numerous convenient ways to spread it


Why Should You Work With Baker Lime?

Baker Lime has produced the finest limestone for gardens, lawns and farms since 1889. Our supply originates deep in the heart of York County, within a rich dolomite deposit. The quality of our materials and our dedication to our customers have propelled us to become one of the leading limestone suppliers on the East Coast.

As trusted bulk lime providers, we’re on a mission to offer a helping hand to the agricultural community. We do this by providing farmers, retailers and lawn specialists with our premium limestone and upholding educational efforts. Our team hopes to arm our customers with the knowledge they need to make decisions that strengthen their operations.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer with Baker Lime, contact us online today!

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