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It isn’t called The Garden State for nothing. With farms spread out across the state, New Jersey boasts an impressive agricultural industry. Whether you’re a New Jersey farmer or a gardener, you know the key to a good yield is healthy soil. That’s where our limestone can help. Containing robust amounts of both calcium and magnesium and two nutrients essential for stimulating healthy plant growth, Baker Lime limestone neutralizes soil acidity, controlling pH levels and creating the perfect environment in which crops can thrive.


Healthier Lawns and Higher Crop Yields Thanks to Our Limestone

Highly acidic soil deprives plants of the nutrients they need. In addition to providing much-needed nourishment, our agricultural limestone also helps improve water penetration for acidic soils, resulting in increased enrichment along the way.

Because of the truly transformative nature of limestone, many farmers in all sectors of the industry are turning to this sedimentary rock to assist in the growth of their crop yield and the growth of their business. Whether you’re trying to maximize your yield or are looking for ways to get a healthier, greener lawn, we have you covered.

Baker’s Premier Pelletized Lime, perfect for any kind of spreader, leaves barely any dust behind. Water-activated, the pellets break down into finely pulverized limestone, working right away to improve your soil composition. Learn more about our full line of limestone-based products.

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Choose Baker Lime for the Highest Quality of Limestone

Baker Lime limestone products contain the highest-quality limestone, mined from a rich dolomite deposit in the heart of York County, Pennsylvania. Compared to the typical limestone with 84.8% calcium and magnesium composition, our limestone has 97.5%. With Baker Lime, your plants get more of the nutrients they need.

Need Agricultural Limestone in New Jersey? Look No Further Than Baker Lime

If you’re looking for agricultural limestone in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. With 125 years of experience, the highest quality products and a dedication to excellent customer service, Baker Lime is your best source for limestone in New Jersey. For more information on our products or to place your order, contact us today. We’re open all year round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you better.