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Author/Reviewed By: Josh Miller, Sales Manager: Baker Lime & North America Minerals
Published: 6/12/2015 – Updated: 11/6/2019

Many farmers and other landowners have grown to rely on agricultural limestone to increase the health of their crops and lawns, so they can experience bountiful yields and more attractive landscapes. At Baker Lime, we’re proud to be a trusted provider of ag lime. We carry a full line of ag lime products, including:

  • Baker’s Premier Pelletized Lime: Mined from our deposit in the heart of York PA, all industries – including landscaping, lawn care and retail – can use our pelletized limestone to help restore lawns to their healthiest conditions. As the name suggests, this product comes in pellet-sized shapes and is extremely easy to spread. Lime For Gardens
  • Baker’s Dolo 20 Damp LimestoneFarmers turn to our pulverized limestone products to maintain soil pH and ensure crops have the nutrients and minerals they need to grow. In addition to being used on farms, some of our customers use it on the grounds of equestrian facilities to ensure horses and horsemen can grip the ground.


At Baker Lime, we have the agricultural limestone that suits your specific needs. Get a custom quote on our agricultural lime today!

Common Applications for AG Limestone

Farmers use ag lime in all kinds of environments, but the product is particularly helpful in areas that have highly acidic soils. When agricultural limestone is applied to fields, crops have an easier time getting the nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium) and minerals (calcium and magnesium) they need to be healthy. What’s more, ag lime can improve fertilizer efficiency and help farmers control their costs.

Taken together, farmers who regularly use agricultural lime on their crops can boost their profits by increasing the integrity of their yields while using their materials most efficiently.

Baker Lime: A Name You Can Trust!

For more than 125 years, farmers along the East Coast have relied on Baker Lime to meet their agricultural limestone needs. Our products are mined from our own rich limestone mines, located in the center of York County. We service customers located in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey, so browse our line of products today.

When you need ag lime products to improve the acidity of your soil, turn to the team at Baker Lime. We can answer your questions and help you find the right product to improve the efficiency and health of your crops. When you shop at Baker Lime, your crops will be happy – and your customers will be, too. Find and contact your local Baker Lime distributor today!

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