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One of the 13 original colonies, Pennsylvania, prides itself on a storied history and the integral role it played in the inception of America. Bookended by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, much of the Keystone State harkens back to a simpler time. With tranquil farmlands spread out across the state, Pennsylvania is rich in resources. And that’s why Baker Lime chose York County as our home base, harvesting limestone of the highest quality from a dolomite-rich deposit nearby. Get bulk limestone in Pennsylvania from Baker Lime!

The Versatility of Limestone

A versatile rock, limestone’s popularity is due to the many ways it can be used, from construction applications to cement filler. This sedimentary rock can also be used as a fertilizer to control the pH of soil and encourage plant growth by reducing acidity, allowing plants and crops to get the nutrients they need. This makes the stone incredibly valuable for farmers, landscapers and botanists alike.

Whatever Your Need for Your Pennsylvanian Production, We Have You Covered

Baker Lime offers a variety of high-quality limestone-based products – whatever your specific need may be, we’ve got you covered. You can get bulk limestone in Pennsylvania by requesting a custom quote.

Are you looking for pelletized limestone to spruce up your lawn? Baker’s Premier Pelletized Lime is perfect for any kind of spreader and leaves behind an almost unnoticeable amount of dust. The pellets are water-activated, so they’ll break down into finely pulverized limestone and get to work right away. If you’re looking for finely pulverized limestone, consider our damp commercial limestone that quickly neutralizes soil acidity, creating an environment perfect for plant growth. We also have a dry AG-Dolomite, which improves both fertilizer and herbicide efficiency by helping create soil with ideal pH levels.

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The Best of the Best Limestone Suppliers in PA

Baker Lime is your one-stop shop for pelletized lime products in PA. With 125 years of experience and an extensive inventory of the best limestone products, we’re the premier limestone supplier in PA. We’re open year round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today for more information on our many products or to place your order.

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